Bang Extension #4,   Part of the  Animal Plant Collection , 2018

Bang Extension #4,

Part of the Animal Plant Collection, 2018


My artwork explores the functions and malfunctions of the body.  I do this through creating wearable pieces that interact with the wearer in non-functional and debilitating ways. My experiences living trapped within a misdiagnosed, misunderstood and mistreated body have forced me to redefine my relationship with my internal and external environment. Through my work I aim to create a dialogue with the wearer that demonstrates how it feels when one’s own body begins to work against itself and becomes dysfunctional, while also providing coping mechanisms and speaking to the process of healing.

I utilize natural and animal materials within my work to highlight the theme of healing and awareness. These materials are self-sustaining and bodily by nature. Additionally, I reference formal elements from the natural materials I use such as, plant structures and growth patterns. I believe that humans are separated from their environment in the same way that they are separated from their bodies. The use of material and form is aimed at communicating the importance of the relationship with our natural environment as a mirror for our relationship with our biological environment (the body). I wish to bring a focus to the complexity of the natural world paralleled with the complexity within body by the marrying of natural materials with my explorations of sickness and healing. Through my work I strive to impart some kind of value in the way we treat ourselves as well as our environment as an intrinsic part of holistic living, essential to the health of the body and the environment.


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